Hormones play a huge role in your fat loss

How many diets have you tried? How many gym classes, exercise videos etc. that you made in your quest for a lean sexy body. What worked? The power supply is the simple equation, but if I told you that a high percentage of cases, this is not always so simple. To lose weight, you must create a debt of energy or an energy deficit. This is an excellent starting point but soon eat less move more than the theory can not come to the station, which is then followed by even less to eat more, which eventually crashes the system and it all goes wrong shortly after.

What most people do not realize is that: After a certain point, this equation simply stops working and can become more complicated as people begin to do everything to get the results they obtained. Once you reach a plateau in fat loss is not affected by the energy balance, but more concerned hormones.

What hormones do you take?

  • Leptin 
  • Estrogen 
  • Insulin 
  • Cortisol

Leptin effectively controls the majority of your efforts overall fat loss. However, if you eat enough and trying to create an energy deficit by exercise, leptin is not really a problem. Did you know that hormones are responsible not only for you to gain weight, but also where you win! It’s your hormones that make the body for the owners at storage areas. ” We have many ways to describe our shape, but the most common complaint I get from customers is “I want to lose weight in my hips, tummy and thighs” Usually the client is smaller on top in a heavier substance called pear-shaped. This is often associated with high levels of the female sex hormone estrogen.

Why women have difficulty to lose weight?

High levels of estrogen are terrible for the loss of fat, which explains why women may have difficulty losing weight and men seem to have little difficulty. Holds on men do not think it can not affect you. It is possible that men have higher estrogen levels. The signs of this presence are “man boobs” estrogen-related fat storage is difficult to treat, but certain types of exercise such as interval training can help, also look at the consumption of alcohol can really help.

Another area that the fat often likes to stick to the hips (love handles) the presence of sugar in the body causes insulin to be released. How your body is able to process and respond to sugar in your body called insulin sensitivity. Plus it is the easiest and most effective for your body uses sugar for energy, the less likely you are to store it as fat.  Insulin resistance does work otherwise. The body does not sugars is much more than if you will hardly bear his weight. People who store fat around the hips (love handles) are generally very resistant to insulin. This means that insulin resistance, it is very difficult to lose fat in this area as well.

The most common area of storage is by far the belly. Abdominal fat has a lot to do with food and the overall level of body fat. Again hormones are involved in this case were talking cortisol. Cortisol is sometimes called the “stress” hormones. This means that your body produces cortisol in emotional and physical stress. Resistance training has been shown to help control cortisol, Cortisol is released under stress and exercise is stressful on the body cortisol will be published. Cortisol has been linked to overtraining and batch production of cortisol is cons-productive. It’s all about timing, long long cardio sessions prolonged weight produce more cortisol. Short sessions of intense exercise have repeatedly proven to counteract the effects of cortisol in both the effect of muscle strength loss of more training related cortisol and belly> The storage of fat.

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